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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Great Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2NL

Hazel Year 3

As part of our science topic Mirror, Mirror we have been thinking about the way light is reflected or blocked by different materials.  We made these wonderful stained glass windows to show how light passes through opaque, translucent and transparent materials to make wonderful patterns.



During our history lessons, Hazel have been thinking about life in the Bronze Age and Iron Age. We have particularly focused on how life back then compares to our lives today.

The pupils have been demonstrating their understanding of life in an Iron Age village by creating their own mini villages. Working together in small groups, the children used a range of resources to make their villages. They collected natural materials from around the school, made buildings using 3D shapes and coloured their work using differing methods.
The children worked superbly together and have really brought their learning to life! 
Here are some of their thoughts and reflections about their work:
“I liked learning about what people in the Iron Age used to make houses and weapons.” – Alice
“The gate on my village was very challenging to make.” – Skye
“I am very proud of the well I made for my village.” – Lorcan
“We all worked together in my group to make the village. It wasn’t just one person doing all of it.” – Freya
“I enjoyed walking through the woods looking for sticks and leaves to use in the villages.” – Harry 

As part of our Seasonal Food topic we made a delicious fruit smoothie with Mrs Mishan and some special helpers.