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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Great Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2NL

Year 6 PGL Trip 2019

Friday, 21st  June

12:30 School trip arrived safely.

15.15 Fencing, sensory trail, abseiling and orienteering underway now.  All happy and excited.

19.30  All the children are fed and watered.

21.00  Photos uploaded.


Saturday 22nd June

08.00  Lights out last night was 21.45 with conversations ceasing shortly after that.  All slept well and those who were awake at 04.46 are feeling very refreshed!  Playing some games before breakfast.

17.00 Enjoying activities in glorious sunshine and topping up the sunscreen.  We have been to the shop, climbed up Jacob's ladder and down a tunnel trail after lunch.

19.30 Photos uploaded.


Sunday 23rd June

09.30  Children were in bed by 21.25 last night after a great day.  Breakfast has just finished and we are looking forward to building rafts and seeing how well they float with us on!

14.30  All the children are getting stuck into the activities including fencing and and rock climbing.  The instructors have commented on the excellent behaviour and attitudes shown again today.  Plenty of food on offer at mealtimes and even fussy eaters are finding enough to eat to provide them with energy.  Camp fire tonight!

21.45  All in bed with lights out... our last sleep at Windmill Hill.  Photos uploaded.


Monday 24th June

08.30  Last night some of the boys were surprised to learn that wet clothes need to be hung up to dry!  All were asleep by 22.00.  This morning beds have been stripped, bags packed and breakfast at 07.20.

We will update this page once they have left Windmill Hill with an estimated time when they will be back in Stortford.

Have left PGL and should be back in Stortford at 15.20.