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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Great Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2NL


There are three types of policies:

  • Those the Law requires the Governors to maintain (Guide to the Law - Appendix A)
  • Policies for teaching Curriculum Subjects within the school
  • Other policies that the Governors choose to maintain

The responsibility for policy development and maintenance rests with the Committees of the Governing Body and/or the relevant Special Responsibility Governor. Committee Terms of Reference will be amended to reflect this responsibility.

The Committees are free to decide whether or not to continue to maintain policies other than those that are mandatory and the frequency of that review.

Policy Development & Control Process

Policies are owned by the corporate Governing Body and only become effective when adopted at a full meeting of the Governing Body.

The operative policies are stored electronically in a directory on the school computer network.

The policies are public documents and are available to be read generally, but access to the directory for storing and changing items will be restricted by the Headteacher. The policies will also be posted to the school website.

When a policy is reviewed, the Committee responsible for it will prepare a draft, the definitive version will be owned by the Committee Chair.

Once agreed by the Committee (and consulted on with the staff, if appropriate) the Committee Chair will circulate to all Governors and the Clerk by e-mail for review and comment.

The policy will then appear on the agenda of the next Governing Body Meeting under the report of the relevant Committee or Special Responsibility for consideration.

Once adopted by the Governing Body, the new policy will be recorded in the minutes of the meeting, stored by the Head in the school policy record and posted to the website to replace the previous policy.

Veronica Taylor
Chair of Governors

Policies by committee

Personnel Committee

Statutory policies:

  adobe logo  Anti-Bullying Policy 
  adobe logo  Anti-Bullying Policy - Form 1

  adobe logo  Anti-Bullying Policy - Form 2

  adobe logo   St Francis Capability Policy
  adobe logo   Child Protection Policy
  adobe logo   St Francis Code of Conduct Policy
  adobe logo   St Francis Complaints Procedure Policy
  adobe logo   St Francis Disciplinary Procedure Policy
  adobe logo   St Francis Grievance Procedure Policy
  adobe logo   Notification of Appeal against Grievance Resolution
  adobe logo   St Francis Notification of Formal Grievance
  adobe logo    Home School Agreement
  adobe logo    St Francis Sickness Absence Policy
  adobe logo    Staff Appraisal
  adobe logo    St Francis Behaviour Policy                   
  adobe logo    Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions

Non Statutory policies:
adobe logo  Intimate Care Policy
adobe logo  Managing Aggressive Behaviour from Parents and Visitors to our School
adobe logo  Restrictive Physical Intervention Policy  
adobe logo  School Uniform Policy
adobe logo  Staff Appointment Policy
adobe logo   St Francis Staff Pay Policy                      
adobe logo  Whole School Attendance Policy
adobe logo  Safer Recruitment Policy
adobe logo  Safeguarding Policy
adobe logo Bereavement Policy

Equality Duty Committee

Statutory policies:

adobe logo Equality and Accessibility Plan and Policy
adobe logo Inclusion Policy


adobe logo Equality Parent Questionnaire

Admissions Committee

Statutory policies:

adobe logo In Year Application Policy
adobe logo Nursery Admissions Policy 2022-23
adobe logoNursery Admissions Supplementary Information Form 2022-23
adobe logo School Admission Policy 2023-24

 adobe logoSchool Admissions Supplementary Information Form 2023-24

Promotion and Publicity Committee

Non-Statutory policies:

adobe logo Promotions and Publicity 2021
adobe logo School Prospectus 2018


adobe logo  Policy for the Election of Chair and Vice Chair

Premises, Finance, Health and Safety and Critical Incident Committee (F&P)

Statutory policies:

adobe logo Charging and Remissions Policy
adobe logo​ Appendix 1 eSafety Incident Log
adobe logo Freedom of Information Policy
adobe logo Governor Allowances Policy
adobe logo Health and Safety including Risk Management Policy

adobe logo Health & safety with Covid 19 Addendum
adobe logo Subject Access Request Policy
adobe logo Data Breach Response Plan GDPR
adobe logo Online Safety Policy
adobe logo Data Protection Policy (GDPR)
adobe logo Data Security Policy
adobe logo GDPR Guidance on Data Protection Impact Assessment
adobe logo GDPR Guidance on Data Protection Impact Assessment Template

adobe logo GDPR Data Retention Policy

Non-Statutory policies:

adobe logo  Anti-Bribery Policy
adobe logo  St Francis Debt Recovery Policy
adobe logo  Finance Policy

 adobe logo St Francis Lettings Policy
adobe logo Travel Plan and Action Plan 2018
 adobe logo St Francis Whistleblowing Policy

Curriculum Committee

Statutory policies:

adobe logo  Early Years Foundation Stage Policy
adobe logo  Sex and Relationships Education Policy
adobe logo  Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy

Non-Statutory policies:

adobe logo  Assessment Policy
adobe logo  Children Looked After Policy
adobe logo  Collective Worship Policy
adobe logo  Curriculum Policy 2021
adobe logo  Drugs Education Policy
adobe logo  Governor Visits Policy
adobe logo  Homework Policy
adobe logo  Target Setting Policy

Subject Policies (Gifted and Talented included in each)

Non-Statutory policies:

adobe logo Feedback and Marking Policy

adobe logo  Art Policy
adobe logo  Calculations Policy
adobe logo  Design and Technology Policy
adobe logo  English Policy
adobe logo  Appendix to English Policy
adobe logo  Geography Policy
adobe logo  History Policy
adobe logo  Computing Policy
adobe logo  Languages Policy
adobe logo  Mathematics Policy
adobe logo  Music Policy
adobe logo  Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Citizenship Policy
adobe logo  Physical Education Policy
adobe logo  Religious Education Policy
adobe logo  Science Policy
adobe logo  Handwriting Policy
adobe logo  Spelling Policy