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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Great Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2NL

Religious Education

Religious Education is a core subject in our school, alongside English, Maths and Science, and therefore we devote 10% of our curriculum time to its delivery.  Our children are taught according to the Diocesan requirements as set out in “Teaching in a Catholic School”. We adhere to the Curriculum Directory guidelines and learning outcomes.

At the start of the year we have covered our 'Beginning with God' and 'Other Faiths' topics.  The pupils have been reflecting on their learning:


"God was talking to  Moses." Brandon, Year 1

"I now know that monotheism means only one God." Daniel, Year 2

"I enjoyed doing this topic and acting out the story of Zacchaeus."  Maya, Year 3

"I learnt about revelation through scripture.  I enjoyed looking for metaphors and comparing them in scripture."  Elizabeth, Year 4

"We learnt about the four sources of revelation which are scripture, tradition, human experience and God's creation."  Imogen, Year 5

"I learned the importance of the trip to Mecca once in a lifetime to Muslims and what awaits for them once they get there.  The trip is called Hajj- one of the five pillars of Islam."  Clara, Year 6


The following policies are used to guide us in developing our faith within our school:

Religious Education policy

Collective Worship policy

Sex and Relationship policy

Home School Agreement

Code of Conduct policy


These policies can be found here.