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St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School

Great Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 2NL

Severe Weather Closure

Severe weather - information for parents

If the school is going to be closed

Any decision to close the school is made as soon as possible- usually before 07.45 am. Once that decision has been made, then we will provide information in the following ways:

1. In the event of severe weather we will notify our nominated radio station Heart 101.7 Essex for Harlow (previously Ten 17) if we have to close, as early as possible in the morning. The notifications will either be read on air or displayed on the radio station websites.

Heart 101.7 FM        

2. We will endeavour to update our school website with a message. Please be aware that this is at the mercy of County’s ‘The Grid’ internet working- it has crashed every time there has been snow due to the volume of people trying to access it across the County.

3. We will endeavour to leave a message on the school answer phone if the school is going to be closed - please be aware that this is not the first message you will hear but Option 4.

4. We will try to send a parentmail message – again this is dependent on the internet site coping with demand.

If the school is open…

We will ensure that a path is accessible from the main gate to the hall.  In order to conserve salt, we will not be able to grit the path to the College drop-off, so please walk round to the main pedestrian entrance to the playground.

Please be aware that if the school is open and conditions deteriorate, we may have to close the school earlier than 3.30pm.  Again we will use the means mentioned earlier to inform you.

We will do our best to remain open during ‘snow days’. However, the school cannot function as a school without teachers and nearly half of the staff do not live in this part of East Herts.  Further, if you feel you cannot bring your child to school, then in times of extreme weather that is your decision, which we will respect.

Thank you for your understanding and support

Peter Coldwell